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The Department of Commerce is one of the pioneering departments of Govt. Nehru PG College, Dongargarh Inwhich Bachelor of came into existence in the year 1964 & M.Com in 1982. The department offers Bachelor of Commerce General and Bachelor of Commerce Honours programmes of study. Currently, the curriculum of Burundian University is followed for second and third year students, whereas Durg University’s curriculum is followed for the students of the current first year class. The Department takes pride in its commendable performance vis-à-vis major developmental indicators such as student intake, number of teachers, student’s success rate etc. Almost from the very beginning, the department has been utilizing the services of a number of part time faculty members drawn from both academic institutions and industrial organizations of repute. At present, it has five full time teachers and seven part time faculty members. Most of the distinguished faculty members are members of various professional institutions. This is the largest department of the college in respect of student strength.

Commerce Department Faculties

S NoFaculty PhotoFaculty NameQualificationDepartmentDesignationMobile No
1 Dr. E.V. REVATHYPh.DCommerceAsst Professor9826777401
2 Mr. Gopal Krishan YadavM.Com (2007) Gold Medalist , B.ed 2012 , UGC NETCommerceAssistant Professor99071 28961
3 Mr. Bedprakash SahuM.Com., M.Phil, NETCommerceAssistant Professor8103682726
4 Smt. Jyoti SahuM.Com. B.Ed.CommerceGUEST LECTURE8770294839