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    Welcome To Govt. Nehru P.G. College, Dongargarh        
  1. We want to prove ourselves as a credible institution of higher education which serves the surrounding society through imparting quality education, moral values and discipline.
  2. While being rooted to the task of excellently catering to the higher educational needs of our students, we are and shall remain wedded to the national goal of producing productive, morally responsible, disciplined and intellectually vibrant citizens.
  3. The majority of the college student intake belongs to the socially, economically and educationally weaker sections of our society.
  4. Our mission naturally is to provide a satisfactory access to higher education for these students.
  5. We are an institution which does its level best to avail of the best possible job opportunities in the present competitive scenario. We also work through our various academic-cultural activities for the all-round development of our students and teachers personality.


The vision of this college is to strive for the socio-intellectual up liftment of the students. Most of them belong to educationally challenged background.


To provide sufficient opportunity for women in higher education by government. To provide sufficient opportunity for all round development of women. To provide social awareness among women To develop humanity among women To prepare women candidate as standard citizen of our society.