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1NAAC 1st Cycle - Certiifcate 01-03-2023 Click Here
25.1.1 - Number of students benefited by scholarships and free ships provided by the Government during the year - 2021-22 27-02-2023 Click Here
37.1.9 Details of activities that inculcate values; necessary to render students in to responsible citizens- 2021-22 (AQAR) Any other relevant information 14-02-2023 Click Here
42.3.1: Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences additional information 01-11-2021 Click Here
5Naac Peer Team Recommendation 27-09-2021 Click Here
6Recommendation of NAAC Peer Team 27-09-2021 Click Here